Team Surveys

360 Team Surveys

Who are our 360 team surveys for? Any function or team that wants to gain a range of feedback from a variety of stakeholders, in order to improve what they deliver or how they work together. 360 effectiveness surveys clearly identify a team's strengths and development needs and are excellent for use in team building / development sessions.

What is available? The following 360 team surveys are available:

Team Effectiveness Survey (feedback from us to us)
This team building survey is designed to provide the team with a clear picture of how they work / function together against the 10 dimensions of high performing teams. The Team Effectiveness Survey can be used during team building / development events to support the team to maximise their strengths and identify those internal issues that are hindering or blocking them from reaching their full potential.

External Team Survey (feedback from them to us)
This team performance survey provides the team with feedback from their external customers and key stakeholders, enabling them to gain a clear understanding of their expectations, how they currently match up to them, and how they can provide an even better service in the future.