Multi Language 360 Feedback

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Our fully managed, multi-language 360 service is specifically designed for multinational organisations who:

  • Want a 360 survey tool built around their needs
  • Have some (or all) users who would prefer to complete their 360 activity in their native tongue
  • Want a ‘hands off’ implementation service

With this package you get a bespoke 360 multilingual system where all 360 activities can be done in the users preferred language and where Lumus360 take on all support/ administrative tasks

Bespoke multilingual build

This is a customised service, developed around your questionnaire, user journey and any language needed.

You decide:

  • What languages are available
  • The questions and rating scale – please note: we also provide (free of charge) a 360 feedback questionnaire design service if needed
  • Branding, user journey, reporting formats etc

Please note, we do not use any form of automated translation software, but build each multilingual page separately, thereby guaranteeing excellence in translation.

Fully managed implementation

Our dedicated key account managers provide end-to-end administrative support, the aim being to ensure a hassle free process.

Even though we manage the complete process on your behalf, we also provide direct access to the system, so you can also keep an eye on things should you wish to do so.

In addition to being user friendly, secure, simple and intuitive, the user journey also enables participants and their respondents to switch between languages at the click of a button, meaning everyone can complete some or all of their allocated activities in their preferred language.

Feedback Reports

Reports customisable and produced in either the participant's preferred language or as a bilingual (normally English and one other language) report.


Our multi language survey tool pricing structure is very simple. We don’t charge for consultancy, questionnaire development, design, initial system building etc. – You only pay for:

  • The building of any multilingual pages – This is a ‘one off’ fee, for each additional language and covers the cost of developing all aspects of the multilingual journey (emails, online screens, feedback reports etc).- £150 plus VAT. Clients normally provide the translated text, if this is not possible, we can use a local translation service who we know produce high quality work.
  • Feedback reports - £110 plus VAT

Optional - 360 feedback coaching, facilitation or training

If needed we can also provide a range of supporting services including:

If needed we can also provide a range of supporting services including:

  • Individual coaching - Typically a 2 hour session in which the 360 degree review coach supports the participant to convert their feedback report into a next steps action plan - £250 + VAT per person
  • Group facilitation - A one day workshop for up to 12 participants. The session results in everyone walking away with a clear development plan based on their 360 feedback - £900 + VAT
  • Train the 360 coach - These workshops are designed to provide up to 12 delegates with the skills, experience and confidence needed to effectively facilitate/coach others through their 360 feedback reports - £900 + VAT.

Free consultancy and outstanding customer service throughout

Much more than just a 360 technology provider, with Lumus360 you also get:

  • The know-how to get 360 degree feedback right
  • Access to our free questionnaire design service
  • A bespoke and branded 360 assessment tool to meet your needs
  • Outstanding client support
  • Free access to all the resources and supporting materials necessary for success

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