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Management Skills Assessment


This "no cost" Management Skills Assessment will help to identify where you believe your managerial strengths and areas for development lie.  To ensure that the results are of the greatest help to you:

Very Rarely
Almost Always

There are sixty four questions relating to eight key factors.


        How frequently..... Very Rarely Rarely Sometimes Often Almost Always
1 Do I speak clearly
2 Am I easily approached
3 Do I help others identify their learning and development needs
4 Do I actively seek out self development opportunities
5 Am I enthusiastic and energetic in my approach
6 Do I set clear targets for the team and individuals
7 Do I set high personal standards
8 Do I manage budgets effectively
9 Do I speak concisely
10 Do I make people feel their contribution has been valued
11 Am I comfortable coaching others to extract lessons and learning
12 Do I take time to reflect and review my own performance
13 Am I consistent between what I say and what I do
14 Do I develop work plans with my team
15 Do I get the job done on time
16 Do I make the link between team mission/aim and company strategies
17 Do I speak with enthusiasm
18 Do I always make time for someone in the team to see me
19 Do I use every possible situation to develop my team
20 Do I seek feedback from others on my performance
21 Do I inspire others to excel
22 Do I ensure people understand their roles clearly
23 Do I have a good home/work balance
24 Do I look for ways to improve key business and department processes
25 Do I take time to prepare for presentations
26 Am I sensitive to others needs and feelings
27 Is staff development one of my key priorities
28 Do I accept feedback openly and without getting defensive
29 Do I know what motivates others
30 Do I regularly assess team members' performance against objective, clearly defined criteria
31 Do I have an effective system for handling tasks, paperwork etc
32 Do I use business data to make decisions
33 Do I make effective formal presentations
34 Do I positively work at building my team
35 Do I share my knowledge and learning with others
36 Do I act upon the feedback I receive
37 Do I demonstrate my trust in others
38 Do I regularly discuss directly with team members the quality of their work and behaviour
39 Am I comfortable delegating work to others
40 Do I maintains a strategic viewpoint
41 Do I adjust my communication approach depending on the audience
42 When someone disagrees with me I don’t take it personally
43 Do I encourage members of the team to share their knowledge and learning
44 Do I have a Personal Development Plan, which I update regularly
45 Do I have a clear vision for what I am trying to achieve in my area
46 Do I share results and feedback with the team
47 Do I know what my KPI’s / KRA’s / key objectives are
48 Do I convert long term strategic thinking into action
49 Do I find it easy to listen without interrupting
50 Do I resolve conflict quickly when it arises
51 Do I encourage others to take on new challenges
52 Am I always prepared to take on a new challenge
53 Do I prefer to empower my team rather than have them defer to me
54 Do I take time to appraise people
55 Do I take time to plan my week and month
56 Do I understand the economics of the organisation
57 Do I listen carefully before speaking
58 Do I manage conflict in teams to a positive/win:win conclusion
59 Do I provide effective feedback to others
60 Is my CV today significantly different to how it was 12 months ago
61 Do I lead by example
62 Do I understand the legislative issues of managing performance
63 Do I have a “To Do” list that I update daily
64 Do I stay up to date with competitor information

Call us on 01291 637380 to gain 360 degree feedback using this questionnaire for only £35

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire.  Press enter your email address below and then press Calculate to process the data you have provided. (We will email you once to ask for your feedback. You will not be added to any mailing lists and we will not share your details with anyone else.)


Communication Able to clearly get over your message in both formal and informal situations.  Able to listen to what another person is saying and to respond in a manner that matches their needs. %
Building Relationships Establishes trust and relates well to others. Reads people and situations accurately and responds appropriately. Is neither regarded as being either dogmatic nor a person who makes assumptions %
Developing Others Recognises the capabilities required for business success; helps to identify development needs and learning opportunities for others; coaches and develops others to enhance performance; utilises delegation and challenging assignments as development opportunities; fosters teamwork and collaboration; uses constructive feedback to focus other’s self development %
Self Development Takes responsibility and ownership for learning; makes learning a priority; identifies and seizes opportunities; is a role model for learning; asks for feedback and adapts behaviour accordingly %
Leading People Provides direction and the inspiration to achieve a clear-shared vision; leads by example and has high personal standards; is a visible role model; respected as being a good leader; prepares people for change %
Managing Performance Clearly defines and agrees performance criteria; measures results and supports people to achieve; uses accurate, timely feedback; assigns responsibilities; delegates and empowers others; removes obstacles to performance; constructively addresses under performance %
Personal Effectiveness Manages and values the time and energy of self and others; prioritises time, information and resources effectively; plans, controls and organises activities; adapts to shifting priorities; builds, maintains and manages personal networks %
Business Skills Understands the financial and commercial aspects of the organisation and own department; uses financial and quantitative information effectively to manage; manages the contribution of the department to achieve successfully the strategic goals; understands the commercial impact of their decisions; understands the legal obligations of their role. %

 Call us on 01291 637380 to gain 360 degree feedback using this questionnaire for only £35

80 - 100 An area of considerable strength.  You are outstanding in this area and other managers should be looking to you as a model to learn from.  Be prepared to share you knowledge with others and to coach / mentor managers who could learn from you.
59 - 79 An area of strength that you should capitalise upon.
42 - 58 An area that although not a significant weakness for you is also not a strength.  Overall, your performance may be advanced appreciably by addressing this area.
29 - 41 An area of weakness that is likely to be holding you back.
0 - 28 An area of considerable weakness for you.  It is undoubtedly impacting your overall performance and should be addressed immediately.  As a start point review specific questions to identify low scores and try to identify some simple actions that will help address these areas.