What is Social Network Analysis (SNA)?

It’s new, exciting, simple, unique and the ultimate tool for gaining a real picture of the informal structure through which individuals, teams and the organisation actually communicate, interact and get things done.

From organogram to sociogram:

How we think things get done

How things actually get done

Social Network Analysis, provides HR Professionals and Organisational Development Consultants with the ability to:

  • Optimise the strengths of informal networks:
    • Accelerate strategic delivery
    • Drive continuous improvement and change implementation
    • Enhance cross functional working
    • Maximise communications between individuals, teams and functions
    • Optimise the organisations true influencers
  • Re-wire faulty networks to achieve organisational goals:
    • Restructure the formal organisation (organogram) to capitalise on the informal
    • Improve the exchange of accurate information and ideas that can feed innovation and continuous improvement
    • Clearly see weak links/ where things go wrong and rectify them
    • Diagnose potential future issues enabling proactive preventative measures to be put in place

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How does it work?

The process takes no more than 3 weeks and involves respondents (the people within the team, function or organisation being reviewed) completing an online questionnaire which is simple, initiative and comprises of 3 questions that take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

The feedback (which is confidential) is then collated/ converted into sociograms and combined into a bespoke feedback report designed around the organisations specific needs.

What does the report look like?

Social Network Analysis reports are clear, concise, understandable and easy to interpret. They provide:

  • All the information needed to make the most of the report
  • A high level overview
  • A range of detailed sociograms
  • Interpretation analysis as required

Download a sample report


Costs are dependent on the number of respondents being surveyed and the type of report needed (sociogram only or sociogram with detailed analysis).

Please contact the Lumus360 team (Tel: 01291 637380) for a price for running the Social Network Analysis survey tool within your team, function or organisation and then developing the report based on your needs.