360 Feedback Coaching

Our ‘Train the 360 Coach’ and ‘Train the Line Manager as 360 Coach’ workshops are designed for those organisations who intend to use their own internal staff (typically Line Managers or an internal cadre of coaches) to provide 360 feedback coaching for their participants.

The workshops build on/ top up existing coaching skills, providing the additional knowledge, understanding and experience, needed to ensure 360 feedback sessions and development conversations are targeted, consistent and professionally conducted.


A Lumus360 consultant will work with you to ensure the objectives and content match your requirements. Typical objectives would be, that by the end of the workshop, delegates will have:

  • Gained the skills needed to appropriately support feedback recipients convert their 360 degree feedback reports into meaningful development objectives
  • Have a clear picture of their role as a 360 feedback coach and have developed a ‘blueprint’ for how they will play it
  • Identified any potential difficult situations and have a plan in place for dealing with them


The detailed content, activities and time for each workshop is different, but both are based on the following outline:

  • Welcome / introduction
  • Objectives / agenda / expectations
  • Coaching skills refresher
  • Converting 360 feedback data into positive development actions – Things to consider:
    • The ideal feedback into action journey
    • Attitudes / approaches and avoiding the spin offs!
    • Getting the right balance (Strengths vs opportunities; Head vs heart; Important vs Interesting etc)
    • Supporting people deal with negative / critical feedback
    • Coaching styles - getting the right balance between telling, coaching, mentoring and facilitating
  • The 360 feedback report – Its purpose, objectives and making sense of the numbers: What do they mean? How do you interpret the data? What are the nuggets to look for in each section of the report? How do you identify the key feedback themes and draw appropriate / balanced conclusions?
  • Feedback into improvement action / change – What does a good (pragmatic) action plan look like?
  • Getting 360 feedback coaching right:
    • Defining our role as 360 feedback coaches?
    • Developing a ‘blue print’ for success
    • Managing difficult issues and conversations
    • Ensuring development actions are followed through on
  • Review and agree next steps


Workshops are designed for up to 12 delegates and the total cost (including preparation, materials etc.) is £750 + VAT and any travel expenses.

For further information about how the Lumus360 team can support the development of your employees as 360 feedback coaches, call 01291 637380 or email info@lumus360.co.uk.

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