Personal Stress Test

Did you know, studies show that up to 40% of people in the UK suffer from some form of stress related illness?

Use our ‘stress gauge’ below to identify your stress level and gain some tips on reducing it.

Do you…

  Yes No
Frequently find yourself getting irritable with friends and family?
Find it difficult relaxing when you get home from work?
Find it difficult to think clearly when under pressure?
Find it difficult to concentrate on family conversation after a day at work?
Have trouble sleeping?
Allow your emotions affect your ability to work effectively with others?
Often feel you are unable to control the important events in your life?
Often feel uninterested in the things going on around you?
Frequently experience a lack of appetite?
Often feel unable to make decisions?
Frequently get distracted from the task at hand?
Find yourself jumping from one activity to another (without achieving any one at all)?
Feel overwhelmed or out of control when under pressure?
Allow your emotions to hinder your performance?