Learn about how we’ll customise (at no cost) our leading 360 feedback platform and then let you implement the process in the way that suits you best

Self-Serve 360 Feedback

This is a software solution, where the 360 feedback journey is configured to enable participants to initiate their own 360 evaluation without the need for any administrator input.

The feedback collection process typically takes 3 weeks and is very simple:

  • Participants go to a sign up page where they either start their 360 degree feedback evaluation ‘now’ or set a ‘future’ date
  • On their selected start date, participants are asked to:
    • Select the questionnaire for their role/ grade (if relevant)
    • Identify those people they would like feedback from
    • Complete their self-review
  • An automated process then:
    • Sends invitation emails to respondents
    • Politely chases poor respondents
    • Informs the participant when their report is ready for downloading
  • Participant downloads their own report
Participants managing their own 360 degree feedback evaluations
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Key features and benefits

  • A fully bespoke/ customised build including branding, user journey, email messaging, timelines and much more
  • Free questionnaire design service and no restriction on the number of questionnaires available
  • A full range of reports available including comparative, group/ TNA reports and bulk data downloading
  • No day to day administer input needed
  • Simple administrator oversight and report production access
  • Dedicated around the clock second line technical support from Lumus360
  • Ongoing functionality improvement and updates at no cost and without any loss of service


In this package we don’t charge anything for building your system, you simply pay a 12 month licence fee that allows an agreed number of particiants to go through the 360 feedback process. The fully inclusive licence fees are:

Total number of reports required per annum Total Cost (Ex VAT) Notes
Between 50 - 75 £3,200 I.e. as low as £42 per report
Between 75 - 100 £4,000 I.e. as low as £40 per report
Between 100 - 200 £7,300 I.e. as low as £36 per report
Between 200 - 300 £8,300 I.e. as low as £27 per report
Between 300 - 500 £9,400 I.e. as low as £18 per report
Between 500 - 1000 £10,500 I.e. as low as £10 per report
1000 plus £12,500 Unlimited report downloads

What's next?

Whether you want more information, a fully costed a proposal, or just need some advice, we're happy to help.