Learn about how we’ll customise (at no cost) our leading 360 feedback platform and then let you implement the process in the way that suits you best

Fully Managed - 360 Feedback Surveys

What you get...

We customise your 360 feedback system to meet your needs and then fully administer the feedback collection and report production process on your behalf.

A fully customised 360 feedback system

  • Free questionnaire design service
  • Customised rater categories
  • Branded to meet your needs
  • Customised emails and user screens
  • Customised reporting
  • Multi-lingual (if needed)
  • Unlimited continious improvement
  • Meets highest security standards
  • Ready to go in 2-5 days

A 'hands off' 360 feedback service

  • A dedicated 360 administrator
  • The setup and day to day management of your 360 surveys
  • Dealing with any user support requests
  • Chasing (politely) the completion of outstanding questionnaires
  • Feedback report production and distribution
  • Around the clock support

What it costs

Enter the number of reports you require over a 12 month period below to calculate the total cost:

View a breakdown of cost per report

We don’t charge for any design, development, customisation, or continuous improvement work, you simply pay for the total number of reports produced.

Reports are invoiced for after their production and prices reduce on a sliding scale, over a 12 month period.

Cost per report (excluding VAT)
The first 10 reports £95
11 - 25 reports £70
26 - 50 reports £65
51 - 75 reports £50
76 - 100 reports £45
100+ POA
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What you get with our fully managed 360 feedback service

A fully customised 360 feedback system

Typically, a group of feedback providers are identified, normally by the participant, their line manager or a member of the human resources team. The process works better if multiple sources of feedback are obtained and therefore it’s normal for those providing feedback (respondents) to include:

This is a high-quality system build, that isn’t charged for and is typically completed within a couple of days.

a fully customised 360 feedback system build

In this package, we customise your 360 platform, so it meets any specific requirements you have.

Step 1 is a 20-minute scoping call to fully understand any preferences you have for how your 360 feedback tool should look, feel and perform. Our in-house developers will then configure/ adapt our established 360 software to ensure everything meets your expectations.

This free premium service includes things such as:

  • Questionnaire design and uploading - Central to the success of your 360 intervention is the quality of the questionnaire used. Our free questionnaire design service is very flexible and results in feedback reports that provide great leadership insight against the things that matter to the organisation
  • Customised rater categories – There’s no limit on the number of feedback groups, their names or how many people are to be invited in each
  • Branding – We'll fully brand user screens, emails and 360 feedback reports to meet your branding guidelines / expectations
  • User experience (UX) - We'll tailor the user journey, online screens, timelines, confidentiality level, report distribution method etc to meet your preferences
  • Tailored emails - Our core emails (launch, questionnaire requests, polite reminders, thank you emails etc) are based on best practice and work exceptionally well. We are also happy to modify any aspects of them to meet your needs
  • Customised reports – The Lumuns360 suit of feedback reports provide developmental insight in a format that is clear, concise, and easy to interpret. However, should you wish to have them updated, then that's no problem
  • Multilingual capability – We can translate any part (or all) of the 360 feedback journey into any language

This design/ customisation phase isn’t a drawn out process but does enable you to request an unlimited number of updates to ensure your 360 feedback tool, looks, feels and works in exactly the way you’d like it to.

A ‘hands off’ feedback service

With this package, Lumus360 fully administer the feedback collection and report production process. Making it perfect for small - large organisations and consultants, who want to handover any implementation administration to a dedicated resource.

Our excellent client services team of 360 degree feedback survey specialists manage the whole process to ensure everything runs smoothly. The key benefits being:

  • 100% of user support or help desk functions are handled quickly and professionally (in and outside of normal working hours)
  • No additional burden placed on in-house staff
  • Removes the perception that confidential information could be accessed by internal staff
  • No in-house administrator training
  • Hassle free!
  • Even though we run the complete 360 feedback survey process on your behalf, you’ll still have direct access to a dedicated Client Manager and an overview of progress at all times
a hands off 360 feedback service

Your dedicated Lumus360 Client Manager/ administrator will:

  • Deal with bounce back emails/ inbound calls/ enquiries etc
  • Upload user names as needed
  • Provide regular progress updates
  • Monitor progress and take action where needed
  • Produce and distribute reports as needed
  • Do whatever it takes to provide an outstanding service

360 feedback reports

Our high quality reports are well laid out, simple and easy (at a glance) to understand. The core suit of available reports is:

  • Individual 360 Feedback Report – This is the report that each participant gets, and it provides a range of sections (high level overview; detailed results; gap analysis; highs and lows; verbatim comments etc). Available in its standard format or in workbook style, they are specifically designed to support personal development. Download a sample report.
  • Individual Comparative Reports – When participants go through the 360 feedback process for a second time, we can also apply our comparative report module, that compares the results of the participant's old and current 360 report.
    This provides a great way of tracking development progress over time and further embeds the importance of ongoing development feedback. Download a sample
  • Group Report – This combines the 360 feedback data from a group of participants into one consolidated report.
    It is an ideal tool for HR and development professionals to use to gain insight into management development themes, culture and performance trends. Download a sample
a hands off 360 feedback service


In this package, we don’t charge for customising your bespoke 360 feedback tool, you simply pay for each report that is produced, based on the following per annum sliding scale:

  • Standard 360 feedback reports
    • The first 10 reports = £95 each plus VAT
    • From 11 - 25 reports = £70 each plus VAT
    • From 26 - 50 reports = £65 each plus VAT
    • From 51 - 75 reports = £50 each plus VAT
    • From 76 - 100 reports = £45 each plus VAT
    • 101+ reports = POA

    Please note: Where a multi-lingual platform is used, individual feedback reports are charged at a flat rate of £95 plus VAT per report.

a hands off 360 feedback service
  • Other report costs
    • Comparative Reports – These are charged for at the same rate as our standard reports above
    • Group Reports - £200 + VAT per report
  • Group Report – This combines the 360 feedback data from a group of participants into one consolidated report.
    It is an ideal tool for HR and development professionals to use to gain insight into management development themes, culture and performance trends. Download a sample

Amazing 360 feedback process support

Having the best 360 degree feedback tool doesn’t guarantee amazing results. With Lumus360 you also get:

  • Outstanding customer focus – Always aiming to exceed our clients expectations
  • Dedicated support – Around the clock, outstanding technical customer service and support
  • Free Consultancy – The know-how to get 360 degree feedback right and access to all the resources and supporting materials necessary for success
  • Supporting services – Our consultants can also provide first class coaching, facilitation and train the coach/ line manager training sessions
a hands off 360 feedback service

What's next?

Whether you want more information, a fully costed a proposal, or just need some advice, we're happy to help.