Fully Managed 360 Degree Feedback

The Lumus360 fully managed service is perfect for medium and larger organisations, who want a 360 degree feedback survey tool tailored to meet their needs and then hand over the implementation and administration to a dedicated resource.

As one of the UK’s leading providers, Lumus360 are an established and trusted provider of ‘everything 360 degree feedback’, specialising in the development and implementation of 360 feedback services that:

  • Ensure leadership development programmes are built around ‘real needs’ and objectively measured
  • Accelerate the change/ realignment of management cultures or embed ways of working
  • Support managers to take their performance to the next level
  • Help underperforming managers get it right

We also provide a very similar service to consultants and training providers.

Fully customised build

The following services are provided free of charge...

  • Questionnaire design – We can either upload your existing questionnaire or we can support you to develop a survey that is culturally and strategically aligned to your organisation. We are happy to:
    • Develop a questionnaire from existing competencies, behaviours, appraisal or values documentation
    • Provide access to our comprehensive database of questions
    • Develop a questionnaire from the outcomes of a conversation with the key stakeholder(s)
  • Customised survey tool build – Having taken time to understand your objectives and requirements, the Lumus360 team will then design and build a tailored 360 degree feedback tool to best fit your preferred user experience. Typical customisation includes such things as:
    • Questionnaire presentation (rating scales, the use of free text questions etc.)
    • Branding
    • User journey
    • Online screens
    • Automated emails

Once built, we will run a pilot with you so you can see exactly how everything looks and functions.

Hands-off implementation

In this service, Lumus360 take all the hassle out of administering the feedback collection and report production process. Our excellent client services team ensure that everything runs smoothly and provide the following benefits:

  • Any user support or help desk functions are handled quickly and professionally (in and outside of normal working hours)
  • No additional burden placed on in-house staff
  • Removes the perception that confidential information could be accessed by internal staff
  • No in-house administrator training

Even though we run the complete process on your behalf, you’ll still have direct access to a dedicated project manager and an overview of progress at all times.

In our fully managed, end-to-end service your dedicated project manager will:

  • Upload user names
  • Chase (politely) participants and respondents who do not complete the actions requested
  • Deal with bounce backs / inbound calls / emails etc.
  • Monitor progress and take action (only involving the client when absolutely necessary)
  • Produce reports and distribute as agreed
  • Do whatever it takes to provide an outstanding service

Feedback Reports

Lumus360 don’t charge for consultancy, administration, design, development, survey building, set up fees etc. – You simply pay for each report that is produced, based on the pricing below (per annum).

Continually improved from the feedback of thousands, our suite of reports are clear, concise and easy to interpret:

  • Standard 360 Feedback Report - Leading the way in readability and layout.
    • The first 25 reports - £90 each + VAT
    • The second 25 reports - £75 each + VAT
    • After 50 reports the price reduces to - £60 each + VAT
    • After 75 report the price reduces to - £50 each + VAT
  • Comparative Reports – An addition to our standard report that compares the results of an old 360 survey with a new one - additional £20 + VAT per (individual) report
  • Manager Summary Reports – The key feedback messages drawn from a standard 360 degree feedback report - £30 + VAT per report
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) – Collating feedback from a group of participants into a high level executive summary, ideal for identifying collective themes and development opportunities - £200 + VAT per report

Optional - 360 feedback coaching, facilitation or training

Whilst 360 degree feedback is a powerful tool, just participating in the exercise does not guarantee results. Our experience suggests that without some form of feedback support, the majority of participants do not have the knowledge, skills or ‘feedback maturity’ needed to develop balanced action plans and see them through to fruition.

Lumus360 provide 2 key support services:

Feedback facilitation and coaching:

  • Individual coaching - Typically a 2 hour session in which the 360 degree review coach supports the participant to convert their feedback report into a next steps action plan - £250 + VAT per person
  • Group facilitation - A one day workshop for up to 12 participants. The session results in everyone walking away with a clear development plan based on their 360 feedback - £900 + VAT


  • Train the 360 coach – These workshops are designed to provide up to 12 delegates with the skills, experience and confidence needed to effectively facilitate/coach others through their 360 feedback reports - £750 + VAT.

Free consultancy and outstanding customer service throughout

Not only do we lead the industry from a technology perspective, but our team of dedicated professionals offer best practice advice / consultancy and a customer focussed approach which is second to none, with Lumus360, you also get:

  • The know-how to get 360 degree feedback right
  • Access to our free questionnaire design service
  • A bespoke and branded 360 assessment tool to meet your needs.
  • Outstanding client support.
  • Free access to all the resources and supporting materials necessary for success.

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