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360 Degree Feedback Report Templates

Our high quality 360 degree feedback report templates use the very best data reporting practice, providing clear developmental insight in a format that is clear, concise, and easy to interpret. Our standard reporting suite includes:

  • Individual feedback reports – Intended for use by the participant. Three variants are available:
    • Core (standard) 360 feedback report – All of the feedback represented in a neat, easy to read format
    • Comparative report – Used to measure/ monitor an individual's progress over time
    • 360 Workbook – Feedback presented in a workbook style format
  • Training needs analysis (group) report – Training needs analysis (group) report
360 evaluation report template
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Core (standard) 360 feedback report

Coaches and participants love our standard 360 individual report because of its:

  • Readability – The simplistic-ness of our presentation format, means you don’t need a PhD to work out the numbers!
  • Perfect flow – Designed by coaches and development professionals, the report flow supports and enables sequential insight discovery and summative theme building to easily take place

360 Workbook

Using the standard report as its base. This format also contains useful notes on making the most of the report, worksheets for capturing key messages, a blank development plan with supporting notes and some top tips for how to ensure development actions result in successful behavioural change. This format is perfect for when

  • The participant is expected to work through their report alone
  • It’s important to standardise the approach people take when converting their 360 feedback into improved performance.


Our 360 review comparative report is a 'bolt-on' to the individual 360 degree feedback report that combines and summarises the results of a participant's old and current 360 reviews, enabling meaningful behavioural change to be seen and monitored over time. The key benefits being:

Our experience shows that comparative reports work best when run 12-18 months after the participant’s initial 360 feedback exercise.

360 degree feedback report template


Our 360 group review template combines the 360 degree feedback data from a group of participants into one consolidated report, designed to provide senior HR practitioners, executive teams and development professionals with high level insight into management development themes, culture and performance trends.

360 review report template


All of our 360 review and appraisal reporting templates are completely flexible and can be customised to meet your needs (at no extra cost!).

Examples of customisation include things like:

If our suite of 360 report templates aren’t what you are looking for, or you have an idea for something different then let us know. We love being creative and are happy to work with you to find new ways of displaying data in creative ways.

Take a look at our individual 360 feedback report template sample...

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