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Lumus360 Psychometric Profile

The Lumus360 psychometric profile has been designed by business psychologists to provide leaders with the self-insight needed to effectively lead in today’s world.

It has been designed to be used in conjunction with a 360 feedback report by aiding participants to better understand their personal preferences with regards to Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Learning and Change.

360 feedback psychometric
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This unique leadership development tool enables leaders to identify and explore their personality preferences towards the following four key underpinning leadership traits:

Resilience – Today's leaders face more obstacles, time pressures, unplanned changes, complexity, delivery pressure and challenge than ever before. Whilst inner personal resilience is important, how leaders are seen to recover quickly from setbacks, display a positive attitude and emotional strength during hard/ the most trying times, is a critical component of effective leadership. The Resilience dimension enables leaders to further understand their ability to adapt positively when faced with adversity, setbacks, pressure and stress, gaining a greater understanding of how their preferred approach impacts those they lead.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) – This is widely known to be a key component of effective leadership. Leaders who are in tune and understand their own emotions and those of others and can then use that knowledge to manage themselves and get the best out of those they lead, are very powerful. The Emotional Intelligence dimension provides insight into the participant’s preference/ ability to identify, recognise and manage emotions, along with an awareness of how those emotions impact the behaviour of others.

Openness to Change – In today’s workplace change is inevitable and successful change is one of biggest problems that all organisations now face. To survive and thrive, every organisation has to have leaders who can navigate themselves and others through continuous change. This dimension provides insight into the participant’s natural preference towards accepting, welcoming, championing change and how their preference impacts those they lead.

Learning preferences – Leaders who don’t recognise how they learn and then use that knowledge to continually grow, risk stagnating and not adapting themselves or their organisation to the ever changing environment we work in. Leaders need to learn different things and each have our own preferred ways of absorbing, processing and retaining learned information. Knowing individual learning preferences, enable strengths to be optimised and weaker preferences to be recognised, developed or allowed for. It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong learning style. Each style has advantages and disadvantages. Knowing your learning style is not meant to limit you, but provide the opportunity to expand.

The 90 item self-review psychometric takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete and can be done as part of a 360 (self-review) questionnaire or as a stand-alone survey. Results are then analysed and the feedback report summaries what each trait score implies about their underpinning leadership style and how that can be further refined to provide improved leadership. View a sample report here.

The profile costs £40 plus VAT

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