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Lumus360 Psychometric Profile

The Lumus360 psychometric profile has been designed by business phycologists to provide leaders with the self-insight needed to effectively lead in today’s world.

This unique leadership development tool enables leaders to identify and explore their personality preferences towards four key underpinning leadership traits:

  • Resilience – Their ability to adapt positively when faced with adversity, setbacks, pressure, challenges and stress and how this impacts leading others
  • Approach to change – Their natural preference towards accepting, welcoming, championing change and how their preferences impact those they lead
  • Emotional intelligence – Their ability to identify, recognise and manage emotions, along with an awareness of how those emotions impact the behaviour of others
  • Learning preferences – Their individual preferences towards absorbing, processing and retaining learned information

The 90 item self-review psychometric takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete and can be done as part of a 360 (self-review) questionnaire or as a stand-alone survey. Results are then analysed and the feedback report summaries what each trait score implies about their underpinning leadership style and how that can be further refined to provide improved leadership. View a sample report here.

The profile costs £40 plus VAT

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