Learn about how we’ll customise (at no cost) our leading 360 feedback platform and then let you implement the process in the way that suits you best

Self-Serve - 360 Feedback Software

This is a 360 feedback software solution, that is ‘participant led’ i.e. one in which the participant is fully in the driving seat, having the autonomy to initiate and own their 360 feedback process without the need for any administrator input.

The key benefits being:

  • Participants have full control over when they undergo the process
  • Participants download their own reports
  • No day to day administer input needed
  • Simple administrator oversight and report production access
  • Dedicated around the clock second line technical support from Lumus360
  • White labelled software that is fully customised to meet your needs and made to look 100% like yours
Participants managing their own 360 degree feedback evaluations
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360 software development

Built on a fully ‘responsive platform’, we would expect to customise things like:

  • Branding – Our build team will ensure all aspect of the system and reporting suit and branded to look and feel 100% yours
  • Questionnaire(s) – We’ll happily help you develop your questionnaire and there’s no restriction on how many of them are available to users
  • Feedback Reports - A full range of reports are available including individual, comparative, group/ TNA reports and a bulk data downloading facility. All of which we are happy to customise to meet any specific requirements you may have
  • User journey - We will happily shape the user journey/ experience to meet your preferences. Typical questions to consider would be:
    • What are the various feedback category groups? (Direct Reports, Line Manager etc.)
    • How long will people have to complete their activities?
    • What level of confidentiality/ anonymity will be applied?
    • What will users be able to see, edit and control?
  • Automated emails - We believe our system’s core emails (launch, questionnaire requests, polite reminders, thank you emails etc) are based on best practice and work exceptionally well. But, are very happy to modify any aspect to meet your needs/ preferences

The 360 feedback user journey

The feedback collection process typically takes 3 weeks and is very simple:

  • Participants go to a sign up page where they either start their 360 degree feedback evaluation ‘now’ or set a ‘future’ date
  • On their selected start date, participants are asked to:
    • Select the questionnaire for their role/ grade (if relevant)
    • Identify those people they would like feedback from
    • Complete their self-review
  • An automated process then:
    • Sends invitation emails to respondents
    • Politely chases poor respondents
    • Informs the participant when their report is ready for downloading
  • Participant downloads their own report

Having automated everything that can be automated and put much thought into the online journey, the user experience is simple, quick and very effective.

Support and continuous inrpovement

Once built, we’ll spend half a day with you to show you how everything works and double check it meets all of your requirements.

You’ll also get:

  • A dedicated technical account manager – Who will keep an eye on everything, ensuring everything runs smoothly and provide a direct point of contact for any queries you may have
  • Around the clock technical support – We aim to respond to any technical support issues as soon as possible (day, night and weekends).
  • Free 360 tool updates – Always striving for perfection, we actively encourage our clients to identify ways in which their 360 feedback system can be further improved and then make those updates free of charge
  • Continuous 360 platform improvement – We are constantly improving our 360 platform and will always offer those updates to you (at no cost)


In this package we don’t charge anything for building your system, you simply pay a 12 month licence fee that allows an agreed number of particiants to go through the 360 feedback process. The fully inclusive licence fees are:

Total number of reports required per annum Total Cost (Ex VAT) Notes
Between 50 - 75 £3,200 I.e. as low as £42 per report
Between 75 - 100 £4,000 I.e. as low as £40 per report
Between 100 - 200 £7,300 I.e. as low as £36 per report
Between 200 - 300 £8,300 I.e. as low as £27 per report
Between 300 - 500 £9,400 I.e. as low as £18 per report
Between 500 - 1000 £10,500 I.e. as low as £10 per report
1000 plus £12,500 Unlimited report downloads

What's next?

Whether you want more information, a fully costed a proposal, or just need some advice, we're happy to help.