The Lumus360 approach...


Our in house 360 system technical team lead the way in latest thinking and IT know-how with a focus on creating a great user experience and enabling the collection of high quality feedback.

Our core 360 platform has been developed over 18 years and exemplifies industry best practice. That said, we also recognise that to ensure an outstanding user experience, it’s really important that the look, feel and process flow of your 360 feedback tool is directly aligned to your organisation and its contextual needs.

Our approach to building 360 tools starts with us taking the time to truly understand your preferred user journey, expectations, key measures of success, preferred etc and then develop the software solution around those.

All of our 360 survey tools are built on a ‘responsive platform’ meaning that online screens adapt to the device (mobile phone, PC, tablet etc) being used. We also strive to automate as many activities as possible.

The best bit is … Most 360 system builds take 2 – 3 days to complete and we don’t charge for it.


To ensure 360 email (and onscreen) activities aren’t viewed as spam. It is really important that the system looks and feels like it’s part of the organisation.

Good branding provides users with confidence that what they are being asked to do has organisational approval and enables greater engagement which increases questionnaire completion rates.

Lumus360 go way beyond the inclusion of your logo the top corner! Our typical approach is to either:

  • Develop the screens from your brand guidelines (if available)
  • Use your website as the basis, capturing fonts, core colours, imagery, format etc
  • Base everything around your logo and its core colours

Report customisation

Whilst we have an excellent range of high quality, easily interpreted, ready to go reports. We are also happy to customise them to meet any specific requirements you may have, things like:

  • Branding (more than just changing the logo)
  • Data presentation
  • Including a preface, introductory notes etc
  • Inserting action planning / PDP templates
  • Developing the report into a work book

User Journey

We will happily shape the user journey/ experience to meet your preferences. Typical questions to consider would be:

Questionnaire presentation

Once the questions have been agreed, we’ll develop the online pages to present them in the best way possible, including:

Automated emails

We believe our systems core emails (launch, questionnaire requests, polite reminders, thank you’s etc) are based on best practice and work exceptionally well. Our ‘intelligent email algorithm’ also combines multiple 360 activity requests into one email to ensure the very best user experience.

On saying that, we are also happy to modify anything to meet your needs including:

Progress Monitoring

Whilst the majority of clients are happy to hand progress monitoring over to our dedicated team. We can also provide you with as much oversight functionality as you would like. Things like:


All of our 360 feedback tools are powered by our own, purpose built, state of the art, GDPR compliant, web based engine which located in the UK.

We take personal data privacy and security very seriously and have in place measures that ensure the highest level of software excellence and data security/ privacy are enforced.

Key data security measures include:

To ensure clients have total piece of mind, we also provide them with a data security contract that covers (in line with GDPR) all aspects of how their data will be secured, processed and disposed of.

Finally, we are used to completing specific data security questionnaires and will happy provide a full copy of our Personal Data and Application Security Policy on request.

What's next?

Whether you want more information, a fully costed a proposal, or just need some advice, we're happy to help.

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