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Fully Customised 360 System Build


To ensure an outstanding user experience, it’s really important that the look, feel and process flow of your 360 feedback tool is right and meets the organisational context needs.

Our approach to building online 360 tools starts with us taking the time to truly understand your preferred user journey, branding expectations, key measures of success, preferred process etc and then building the software solution around those.

All of our 360 survey tools are built on a ‘responsive platform’ meaning that online screens adapt to the size of the screen (mobile phone, PC, tablet etc) been used.

Most 360 system builds take a week to complete and we don’t charge for this service.

360 system customisation

Typical system build customisation would include things like:

  • Email messaging - The development of an unlimited number of automated email messages with the following customisation:
    • Their content, font, presentation etc
    • How they are triggered and when they are sent (day and time)
    • The combining of multiple 360 activity requests into one email
  • User journey – How respondents are identified, their feedback group categories, project timelines, automated actions, how reports are distributed, what users will be able to see, edit and control etc.
  • Branding (much more than just the insertion of your logo) – Working to your branding guidelines, website design or known brand, we’ll ensure the system looks and feels like it’s part of the organisations suite of tools
  • User experience – The full customisation of individual user screens, their look, feel, functionality, content and mobile friendly interfaces
  • Questionnaire presentation – Shaping the online pages to best match your questionnaire/ rating scale including the use of free text. This could also include the application of mandatory fields and the inclusion of automated prompts to support respondents provide the best feedback they can. Read more about our approach to questionnaire design.
  • Feedback Reports - Reports can be downloaded at the touch of a button (by either the participant or administrator) and designed to meet your specific requirements. Read more...
  • Automated functionality – Working with you we aim to automate everything possible
  • Administrator monitoring and control – Simple and intuitive administrator / oversight access and functionality. Things like:
    • Access to a 'live' screen that provides oversight of those going through the process and some early issue trigger flags.
    • Easy 'bulk download' report production


All of our 360 feedback tools are powered by our own, purpose built, state of the art, secure, GDP compliant, web based engine which is located on a secure, dedicated Dell server, hosted in the UK by Heart Internet. The key data security measures in place include:

  • Data centre (physical) security - Heart Internet's state of the art data centre incorporates multiple power supplies, fire protection, climate control and a comprehensive range of physical security measures
  • Access control - The Lumus360 application is a ‘closed system’ with no general public facing entry points and with access being restricted to known users only
  • Back up controls - The server utilises disk mirroring and data is protected from accidental destruction or loss through the following:
    • Continuous online monitoring which provides early notification of system errors
    • An automated 4 hour backup is taken and retained for 7 days. All data is backed up offsite and to a dedicated storage device within Heart's data centre
  • GDPR Compliance – Our data security approach meets (and exceeds) all of the GDP 2018 requirements, further information is available on request.

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